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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

You Can't Get there From Here

I live about a mile from the interstate on a county road. The road connects to other roads, which lead to other roads, which eventually lead back to the interstate....if you know the route.

An accident on the interstate leads many to abandon the highway - even if it means crossing the ditch - in the hope of avoiding the stopped traffic. That's where the problem develops.

If they leave the interstate, travel about a half mile, and take a left, they will soon find they are back on the service road, which goes for about 20 miles. That usually bypasses the traffic, and the accident.

If they go straight, they find a dead end road, or a right turn that requires knowledge of local roads to eventually lead to a county road that leads to a farm to market road, which leads back to the interstate.

It's crap shoot on decisions, but many wander down the wrong path, and either turn around, or get lost on the county roads.

There's a wreck on the interstate tonight. I heard the sirens, watched the wandering cars, and know it will be a few hours before it all calms down again. For Thanksgiving travelers, this will add frustration, and memories.


  1. I have absolutely no desire to travel on Thanksgiving. The situation you describe is part of the reason why.

    1. The Interstate was brutal for holiday travelers. After years of travelling during the holidays, I now forego the trips, and stay close.

  2. I'm gonna chance it and drive north a couple ours, one hour of which will be on the most notoriously restricted freeways in Michigan (so bad, they have institutionalized driving on the shoulder (when with permission lights) as if it were a lane.
    Going to Frankenmuth for dinner, hoping we can get seated.
    Happiest of Thanksgivings (until next year) to you!

    1. I hope your trip was uneventful, and was only an inconvenience.