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Saturday, November 11, 2017


I've known, and know a few veterans. They served from everything to clerks in Saigon, to crew members of a nuclear submarine. All were not home with their families, many were shot at daily, and all served those that live in security provided by the armed forces.

We owe our veterans a thanks at least. They gave more than most understand in service to those that don't have a clue.


  1. I've said for years that the most responsibility I had in my life, for years, was that which I had as a sergeant at 22 years of age.
    Peoples lives depended on me at one point. and they lived!
    There is no other opportunity in life that gives you that, at such a young age, outside of the military.
    I thank this country for giving that to me.

    1. My brother was headed toward a life of problems, until he went into the Air Force. Twenty two years later, he retired, and was successful until he passed.

  2. God Bless 'em all! Thanks, Ed, and a posthumous thank you to your brother, Jess.