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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Nobody Owns Anything

Think about it. everything you think you own is owned by bureaucrats, and taxing entities.

Refuse to pay taxes to a local corrupt government? They'll file papers, send people with guns, and take your home. Then, they'll sell it for pennies on the dollar to satisfy their bureaucratic necessities, and ignore the foolishness of their actions.

Refuse to pay taxes on your income, in protest of wasteful expenditures? They'll take your bank account, garnish your wages, and demand penalties, with interest, on your effort to control out of control government officials.

You can't expect any bureaucrat to refuse their job to take what is only allowed by a polite society. They can't conceive a society that reached the point they will say "enough is enough", and take out their anger on those that follow legislative guidelines that ignore personal liberty.

Still, the past reveals all societies eventually reach a breaking point, and the result is never pretty. Whether our society ever reaches that point will only be revealed in the future. I can only hope it doesn't involve violence.


  1. God forbid it should come to that. Something has to give it seems. Many of us will not voluntarily surrender our liberties and walk quietly onto the cattle train.

  2. I'm getting too old for such things. If it comes down to that, I'll have to sit on the front porch; drinking beer, eating pickled pigs feet, and farting.