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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Full of It

I don't have much faith in what people say. I might be wrong, but all the talk about not watching professional sporting events with players disrespecting the flag - in my opinion - is just that: talk. Considering how the alphabet networks are still in business, people are generally full of crap, and unwilling to sacrifice their viewing choices for integrity.


  1. Wrong. Not watching at all. Only sports watched are college football & golf.

  2. I never had much time to watch anyway.

  3. College football is all I watch. Gave up NFL a month ago.

  4. I think the people that read here are probably steadfast in the their resolve, but I have the feeling they're the exception. I hope I'm wrong, because things never change without people changing.

  5. I can't boycott what I never participated in in the first place. To me most sports-ball is boring. Nowadays, it's mostly devolved into "our Africans can beat your Africans".

  6. Well, I've never watched organized athletics as they hold no appeal for me. But, I do buy stuff at Walmart even though I said I wouldn't because they banned Confederate flag goods. They are the only one's in 45 miles who have stuff I need.

    I just have to balance "doing right" with "getting by."