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Saturday, November 4, 2017

If They Don't Report It, Did It Really Happen?

Yesterday evening, going home was a series of long waits in traffic, back road diversions, and dealing with traffic filled with impatient, angry people. It was obvious the interstate had a wreck, but considering the amount of side road traffic, I could only consider it a major wreck. Local radio was silent about the wreck.

When I finally crossed the overpass on the road to my house, I could see the wreck. Large wreckers were ready to haul away the wreckage, tractor trailers were scattered, and the remainder of one truck was smoldering in the median.

People were wandering around the rural back roads near my house for hours after sunset. This is a normal occurrence after a wreck, and I've given directions many times to people trying to find another route.

The internet sites for the local televisions outlets didn't reveal anything. I did find a small article in the local newspaper site that stated the local sheriff reported a truck fire at 2:40 yesterday afternoon, and traffic would be affected.

By my calculations, the interstate was almost shut down for over five hours yesterday afternoon, and evening. Otherwise, tens of thousands spent hours creeping through traffic, or completely stopped in areas that have few, if any exits. Much of this area doesn't even have a service road.

I might be nitpicking, but that's what the entire idea of news reporting revolves around. Major events that affect thousands require an effort to make people aware, and the possibility of offering solutions, such as alternate routes. It didn't happen this time, and it shows a laziness, or incompetence by local media outlets.

I did learn they had a parade for the Houston Astros yesterday. I really didn't care, except I know those that work in the downtown area had their Friday evening turned into a traffic nightmare. I'm sure few really cared about the Astros, when they spent an extra hour during their usual hour drive to cover a few dozen miles. 


  1. I often wonder why there isn't a police blotter page or such to find out what they want us to think happened. :)
    I'm surprised Google doesn't provide a link in Maps.
    Maybe they will after they read this comment and your post.

    1. Local papers once had much local information. Television typically wanted to report sensational stories, or fluff. Neither offer as much as they once did, which is understandable. To much of journalism is being replaced by propaganda, and those supposed to have a broader view, were indoctrinated by higher education and minions of Progressives.

  2. There is no 'local' news anymore. Have to rely on your FB feed *yikes*

    1. When you sort through the posts, you find truth.