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Saturday, November 18, 2017

It's Part of the Job

Trump was elected President to stop the inflow of thousands of unvetted aliens. Meanwhile, those that think it's a good idea to let anyone into the United States, without any restrictions, are successful in keeping the President from doing his job.

I think the only solution, at this time, is to close the door completely. It's within the power of Trump, and it's time he exercised the power. While many will complain, or attempt to stop it in court, they're efforts will be stopped, when those working under Trump are forced to either resign, be fired, or follow the order.

Some will be harmed by the action, but I've reached the point that's less of a problem than allowing people into the United States that have crime, murder, or mayhem as their goal. No new aliens, no new problems.

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  1. would never get by the ninth circuit, unfortunately. leftists out of control jurists - our true masters.