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Sunday, November 22, 2020

So, What's The Right Thing To Do?

 I'm a little amazed at the lack of character, outright fraud, and too much of the media ignoring the evidence that voting irregularities substantially affected the election. Where were these people raised? Where are their morals, and indignation? Are they that complacent toward criminal acts? It makes me wonder, but if something as sacred as a fair election is ignored by too many, anarchy can only be the description of the country, and the weak will eventually be the prey of the strongest thugs.

If you stop and think of the predator nations, such as China, and Russia, you can see how they ruthlessly destroyed their own citizens to gain power. They had now qualms about their genocide, and to believe their descendants would have qualms about destroying foreign citizens is foolish. I think that's where we are. Foreign meddling, indoctrination through unions, and effective Marxist techniques led us to the point where an obvious fraudulent election is being touted by the Marxist media as correct. 

So what is the right thing to do? If the current administration fails in the courts, there is no other recourse except to fight back. The patriots will, but the Democrats, and their indoctrinated minions will expect law enforcement, the military, and their guerilla forces (Antifa) to squash any rebellion against their takeover of power. How it turns out will be for future historians to either record, or hide from history. 


  1. The one I saw kicking round the internet said that “one third of the population will happily slaughter another third of the population - while the remaining third stands back and watches and does nothing.”

    In any event it’s time to start making arrests, locking people up and maybe stretching a few necks. You can’t run countries like this...

    1. People are becoming more pissed off every day. The push-back will start with exposure of the criminals, and what happens after that is a crap shoot.