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Saturday, November 7, 2020

It's Really Absurd

My years of construction work revealed many things the polite masses don't know. I can understand their ignorance, since these people spent their lives in comfort, isolated from any real conflict, and refuse to understand the world is a place where there are people that will boil you alive to watch you squirm. It's folly on their part to ignore this, and even more foolish to believe any political party that constantly lies will tell you they will take care of you. 

This voting debacle won't fade away. Those willing to throw all in to cheat don't realize the American workers voted for the man they think is like them, and willing to fight for their ability to prosper. These workers are exposed to harsh climate, brutal hours of labor, and most have a gun tucked away somewhere. They're mad, realize their hard labor compensation is in jeopardy, and really, really don't like cheating, lying, thieves. 

How this works out is yet to be seen, but if you realize the absurdity of messing with a President that controls the armed forces, and and armed majority of citizens willing to fight for this President, you realize how desperate they are. They've already lost, and the rest is just cleaning up the mess. 


  1. Hey Jess;

    I haven't been here in a while, I am going to use a quote off my blog that explains how I and many others feel about this,
    My thoughts is that the democrats don't realize what they are playing with, most of us on the "right side of the aisle" crave legitimacy, we are very angry right now and the only thing holding us back is the rule of law, if the democrats are successful is stealing the election through fraudulent means we know that after this, there will nothing to stop them next time, there will never be another free election in this country again, our voice and decision in the shaping of this country will no longer exist. When people no longer have a say in the political process, they will resort to violence, Voting is the safety valve for the republic and when people no longer have faith in the process, then insurgency is a huge possibility, and nobody is a better insurgent than an American with a grudge.

    1. Yep. The push-back will be more than they imagined.