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Monday, November 2, 2020

I Think They Want Us To Be Frightened.

 I think there's an effort to frighten Trump voters. With all the corruption, spying, violence, and doom predicting, "frightening" is too often used to describe what's happening. From my perspective, people aren't frightened; they're angry, and the anger is focused on those willing to ignore the sorry state our government is in. Regardless of the election, the anger won't go away, until the likes of Hillary Clinton are thrown under the jail.  


  1. 100% this.

    Fear is the most potent motivator.

    1. It is, but the reaction varies. Some run and hide, while others stand their ground and fight. Considering the honest citizens have been backed into a corner, there won't be many attempting to run.

  2. Anger and fear area bad combination...