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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Another Predator Revealed

After realizing some might find the following horrible, and upsetting, I need to say it's all fiction and part of things I made up. 

Apparently, a much beloved character actor's improprieties were hidden for years, but no more. Who? Yoda.

Yoda, who's real name is Henri Humptemiener, was taking advantage of the women he worked with for years. The French actor known as the gentle, wise benefactor, as portrayed in his roles in the Star Wars series, was constantly causing problems with women he worked with.

As one production assistant related: ..."I still remember the time I was instructed to meet with the attorneys of one of our productions to sign some papers. Henri stepped into the elevator as the door was closing. At that point, he started putting his hands all over me. He was like a spider monkey on steroids, and it took all my strength to keep his hands away."

Another told of walking into Henri's trailer to inform of his next take for a scene. "...There he was, completely naked. When I said "Excuse me" and turned to leave, he blocked the door and tried to put my hand on his member. I was horrified, and will never forget that little green "pickle", which he shook at me like it was a toy. The language he used to proposition me was terrible. I had to force my way out of the trailer, and would never get near him again..."

So, many will have their impressions changed. I'm appalled, but not surprised. Hollywood seems to be a fertile ground for sexual predators, and even the most admired can be those worst of all.

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