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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Who Falls First?

With so many in the government obviously intent on their agenda, regardless of the legality, someone will eventually be charged; and it won't be who the media want to fall.

Will it be a member of the Clinton Department of State? Evidence proves many made serious mistakes, and compromised national security. The mistakes are illegal, in spite of intent. With intent, espionage crimes come into play.

Will it be a member of the F.B.I.? Comey admitted to breaking federal law in sworn testimony. For the director of the highest law enforcement agency, that's not a minor mistake. To make an example, such actions require felony charges.

How about a member of the Department of Justice? The Attorney General met with the husband of a presidential candidate, when that candidate was under scrutiny of criminal actions. That's way beyond unethical, and if an intent to bury evidence was the reason for the meeting, the charges would be severe.

Even with the corrupt media acting as "hit men" for the subversive members of political parties, and the government, attempting to bury information eventually leads to an obvious perception of collusion to hide criminal actions. With the knowledge such actions are an attempt to hide known criminal actions, involvement turns into criminal collusion and organized crime.

Meanwhile, Sessions has all the pieces of the puzzle, and is not involved with an investigation, which anyone in the Department of Justice will know was started by a dossier created by a company known for character assassination by any means. The company is exposed, others that had their investigations destroyed by the company are coming forward, and the company is stalling to either destroy information, or trying to reduce the collateral damage of their actions. Bank record will tell all, and if those records are ever officially recovered, the evidence may lead to long decades in prison for some involved.

Muellor, if he was ever part of the conspiracy to destroy Donald Trump, now is not only in the public eye, he surrounded himself with hired hands with shady pasts. Regardless of intent, his investigation is not only tainted, the final outcome may reveal criminal culpability, and the investigator may become a defendant.

Personally, I think Trump is more shrewd than those in D.C. ever imagined. You have to be, to run multi-million dollar construction projects, while dealing with organized labor, criminal government officials, and the cut-throat nature of many large general contractors. Survival means playing your cards to win, and never placing yourself in a position you're betting with something you can't lose. If I'm right, everything is falling in place, and he has the winning hand. Time will tell.