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Friday, December 8, 2017


It's rare for it to snow in my corner of the world. It's even more rare for it to happen this early, which the NWS is reporting as a record.


  1. We got some too. Not so noteworthy here.

    1. We're not prepared for sub-freezing precipitation or temperatures. Everything from home insulation, to highway materials, focuses on temperatures above freezing, and moderate temperatures.

      Drivers are not aware of how an overpass becomes an ice skating ring, drive too fast, ignore the fact there is no salt to melt ice, and find new damage to their vehicle.

      The good thing is the temperature will usually raise above freezing at sunrise, and the snow will be mostly gone before the day it over.

      Personally, it only took a few trips outside to make me realize how snow has a tendency to end up right inside the door, where it melts into dirty puddles. I don't like that, and don't relish slushy ice falling down the neck of my shirt.