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Sunday, December 3, 2017


One of Muellor's team of supposedly special investigators was fired for their possible anti-Trump tweets. This makes me wonder if the team, which is filled with people loyal to Clinton, is much more than a huge waste of money by political hacks. They've only managed to confirm the FBI used a fabricated document to try to derail Trump's presidency, and ignored the DNC effort to use their political power to steal an election.

Special councils have a specific purpose, but always seem to spend huge amounts of money chasing their tails. In the end, politicians, and their minions, manage to escape prosecution, and justice is left in the gutter.


  1. When will Mueller be taken off the case?
    How would you like to have a powerful well paid job that ends when YOU say it ends?

    1. I have the hope Mueller is actually pursuing his directive, will expose the rot of the last administration, and his leads will find the evidence for the criminal prosecution of Hillary Clinton.

    2. Trump believes the FBI was covering inappropriate behavior by closing the Hillary investigation. It makes sense, and if Muellor is on the up and up, he'll find this, and take the correct measures to do his job.

    3. We posited the same hope on the radio yesterday.
      Pollyanna lives. :)