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Thursday, December 7, 2017

It Was Just Paper

The Constitution of the United States was a manual on government operations, until the Bill of Rights was determined as the only way the states would sign the document. Those that just fought the revolution were still apprehensive about any organized government, since the last one had tried to kill them for their civil disobedience.

I think people either forget, or don't realize, the Bill of Rights wasn't something for the citizens to follow, but a mandate of things the government can't do, with certain restrictions on what it can do, and a demand the government not meddle with individual liberty.

I see the Supreme Court is in the process of deciding whether a baker is forced by law to make a cake for a gay couple, even if it's against their personal beliefs. How this actually came to this point is beyond me, since it's obvious even a responsible lower court would never allow such actions, and a state legislature would never introduce laws that cross this boundary.

The Supreme Court is becoming frivolous, and probably inconsequential. In the efforts to legislate from the bench, too many justices became so open minded, their brains fell out, and they didn't realize that any citizenry will react to tyranny in the method it's tried. When words don't work, the next step is never kind.


  1. The court was never supposed to be so all powering. Over the edge and down the slippery slope we go. And me without my crampons and ice axe.

  2. If it was a sport, the referees would make the rules, ignore the players, and all food at the concession stands would be cold oatmeal.