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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Time and Distance

Today is December 7, 2017. On this day, 76 years ago, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, killed thousands, and the United States became involved in a war already involving much of the world.

My father turned 18 near the end of the war, and didn't see combat, since the war ended. He was one of many men I knew that lived during that time, and are now long gone. The youngest during that time are approaching the century mark, and their days are numbered on this Earth. Their memories are still fresh, since they were branded by terrible events. 

For those that don't know much, those that fought spent years in brutal war. They fought for many reasons, but most fought without questioning their duty to protect the United States, and it was obvious the United States was under attack.

The distance of time removed the horror most felt after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Time, also, removed the years of blackout curtains, rationing, letters notifying of the loss of a loved one, and the hard work of those that kept the U.S. running, while most resources were being used for the war effort. Things were tough, and without the reference of someone that lived during that time, it's hard to fathom the emotional stress. Reading doesn't replace the expressions of those that suffered.

So, we now have constant Christmas songs on the radio, promises of the best prices for shopping, the daily garbage called news, and an entire sub-culture of people that are perfectly satisfied to live a life of mundane waiting, and the hope they can find a way to use their government stipend for some alcohol and cigarettes.

I'll say a prayer our nation is never forced to travel those straits again. There was no guarantee of winning the war, and the suffering to win was more than too many today could handle.


  1. Liberal may sit around the camp fire chanting MAKE LOVE NOT WAR,MAKE FRIENDS NOT ENEMIES but they sure don't practice it their the ones who are intolerant and the liberal left-wing news media wont ever tell us the truth.
    The reason liberals picked Obama for president was because of racist White liberal guilt. It certainly wasn't because of Obama's policies or track record, because there were none.

    All liberals are racist so to assuage their racist liberal guilt they have to pretend that they like Black people.

    Seriously, I have yet to meet a liberal who wasn't racist. Actually, liberals think they are superior to everybody, so maybe they aren't racist. They are equal opportunity smug a$$holes.

    Anyway, before the last election, liberals always proved what racists they were. You know the type, they would be in a group of mixed company and they would rave and gush over Obama. I didn't know one liberal who could actually name an Obama policy or cite his platform. Those things don't matter to liberals and still don't. Do you know of a liberal who can tell you which campaign promises Obama has kept? The truth is they don't know and they don't care if Obama keeps his word or not. They just wanted to elect a Black man to assuage their racist guilt. I think many liberals are starting to meltdown, not just Pelosi. They look around and realize that most Americans simply don't want socialism, but would rather stick with the principles of self-reliance that made America so strong.

    1. I've found most liberals avoided many responsibilities, and somehow acquired a sense of entitlement, even if they didn't come from wealth. I wondered why this was, until I looked at what really promotes their beliefs; and that's greed.

      Public sector workers, their families, their unions, and those that depend on them for votes believe they serve some grander purpose, we can't do without them, and they deserve special benefits. To agree with conservatism demands they lose this sense of entitlement, and accept the responsibility of their own destiny. Only greed keeps them from this action.

  2. There are a few who respect, understand and live by our constitution. As a whole, our nation has lost track of the fundamentals of ehat our nation was built on therefore will never be able to stand for which they have no care. Wiping our history out a piece at a time.
    When GW took the position of 1st president. He relied on the guidance from God himself. Going to God in prayer regularly.
    Today.....well here we are....In order for our country to prosper, be blessed and survive....We all need to turn back to him!