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Saturday, December 9, 2017

When Hate Turns Into Insanity

Much of the media hates the President. That's an opinion they can rightfully have, but when it leads to immediate reporting of lies, or fabrications, that hate is best described as insanity. To make things worse, they don't realize their lapse of reasoning, and continue to ignore the fact their opinion is not shared with the majority of the voters. This will lead to less credibility, fewer viewers, and the eventual complete lack of trust.

Logic dictates refraining from such actions, but logic was ignored many years ago by those that think the failed Utopian dreams of a society where everyone has everything they want, never worked in the past; and the millions that died during the experiments of government were innocent victims of insanity.


  1. The media has never been so exposed for the shills that they are. They are now completely out of the closet but continually bumping their heads against the walls. If only they could get their arms free from these long sleeve tied in the back...

    1. I beginning to think journalism requires a diagnosed mental disorder before a degree is issued.