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Sunday, December 17, 2017

I Wonder How This Will Turn Out

According to a lawyer for the Trump transition team, the Mueller investigation received information illegally .  If so, any, if not all of this information, will be determined as inadmissible for any purpose. For a special investigation, that means the methods, and motives, of the investigators will not only be in question, the entire investigation loses all credibility to suspicion of motives beyond the original purpose. With current information showing the original effort of the investigation yielding no results, those involved may now become the focus of another investigation. If they are suspected as criminally culpable in their efforts, indictments will follow, and some high ranking government officials may find the possibility of imprisonment.

I don't know how this will turn out. Current information points to a strong effort to destroy the election of Donald Trump and his Presidency. In a less polite society, that's considered treasonous, and the punishment for those involved brutal.


  1. I'm hoping the DOJ IG is working overtime as I hear he is.

  2. we don't have to punish brutally but if all of the traitors could be soon imprisoned it would clear the air.
    these roaches have become so bold and so sure of the infrastructure they have prepared that they no longer flee when the light is turned on them.

    1. It would only take one indictment, and the rest would follow. If the information reported is true, some high officials will face a jury.