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Saturday, November 20, 2021

What Was Presented

In rural areas, Rittenhouse's actions are the norm. Law enforcement, at best, is fifteen minutes away, and at worst, may not arrive until they finish what they're doing. Only a handful of deputies patrol at night, and they might be covering hundreds of square miles. The protection of property, and self-defense, are not subjective opinions of the media, or woefully ignorant minions of the politicians. Action, when required, is instant, and those willing to become criminally violent are handled with extreme prejudice. 

Regardless of how the media is promoting the ignorance, city governments either become more observant of the laws that protect the citizens, or they'll find they can't find enough law enforcement officers willing to lose their morals and allow mayhem to flourish. Rittenhouse was only doing what he felt was what a responsible citizen should do, and he was right. Unrepentant thugs were roaming the streets of Kenosha, the city ignored their responsibility, and without the help of a long rifle, Rittenhouse would have become another murder statistic. 

Rittenhouse now has every right, if not the responsibility, to take the offensive and sue those that tarnished his reputation, promoted lies, and used their power of office in the attempt to remove his rights. Those so willing to sacrifice individuals for personal gain are as evil as the criminals Rittenhouse was confronted with. They should be punished, and the preferred punishment would be criminal charges for many, instead of monetary judgements, that may never be paid.


  1. and had they gotten kyles gun his murder would be on every lefty website yet no charges would be filed...there were nights when my 1sg told me not to get into anything on patrol b/c i was going to be the only cop for 100 miles in any direction. i remember one of those nights about 3 a.m. getting behind a van obviously loaded to the breaking point creeping up i95 trying not to look suspicious. i know he was hauling contraband but i followed orders, let the next jurisdiction deal with them. shortly after, i quit and went into the military. at least they had your back.

    1. I can imagine the frustration of having to avoid apparent suspicious behavior, simply because of not having the resources. In a small community, it probably won't happen, but on the interstate, it's the Wild West, and anything can happen.

  2. Replies
    1. I've been reading articles, and comments about Rittenhouse being sued for his actions. I could happen, but I don't think it would be a good idea.

  3. Yup. Here in Modern Mayberry, no case would ever be brought in similar conditions.

    1. I moved away from the suburbs over four decades ago. I'm guessing my young brain clicked on the facts, when things started disappearing from my garage, and young, upstanding citizens were roaming the street in the middle of the night.