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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Going on the Offense

 I think Virginia should do a careful audit of the election. Call it "going on the offense". Why? Virginia was easily won by Biden for the national election, and I doubt there are that many wishy-washy dumbasses in Virginia. My experience with the state showed the opposite, and if Biden won so easily, someone cheated, and were probably cheating during the governor election. Ferret them out, and punish them severely. Take money from the districts were the fraud is found, and use it to pay the cost for the audit.


  1. yeah, they cheated this time too but couldn't do it in sufficient quantity because the data doesn't get sent to a central database overseas like the federal election does. the northern 3 counties always hold their tally until the rest of the counts are in so they can add what they need to win. this time they didn't have enough. we won the assembly back too so maybe there will be questions answered. i pray it will. 95% of the state went 2A sanctuary, that's hardly a blue state thing. let's go brandon!

    1. I have a feeling there will be some legislation addressing the problems, and if it reaches the governor, he'll sign it.

  2. Even better would be to have the ballots counted on election day, period. No after midnight. If not completely counted, the precinct is dropped.

    And no mail in. And no advance voting. And no absentee, unless with a doctor's note or a valid business letter.

    End the crap.

    1. Yep. I'm for dipping the finger in indelible ink after voting. That guarantees only one vote.