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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

What a Pinhead

 Joy Reid, who anyone with some intelligence would describe as a pinhead, thinks Americans should be grateful to the Biden thugs for the $2000 check they received.

Really? How about the long periods of time with insufficient income that the check didn't even begin to cover? How about the fact the check is only a small part of the income stolen with confiscatory taxes that every working American loses? How about the double digit cost of living increases that are crippling the budgets of all Americans, and especially affecting those surviving on low income paying jobs? Are we supposed to be grateful for these things? What about the effort to remove the rights of people by forcing a vaccine that may eventually kill a substantial number of the citizens? 

Joy Reid needs to go. That, and the alphabet network that pays her that is the propaganda media outlet for traitors. 



  1. Pinhead? Pinheads are dumbschitts, not toxic waste dumps of hatred.

    1. She's a hate filled piece of human excrement. Her network is dying a slow death, and maybe she'll find her next job is mopping floors for one of the people she hates.