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Friday, November 19, 2021

Now We Watch

Kyle Rittenhouse is vindicated. The Democrat traitors are angry, so are the Hollywood traitors, and they've become vocal with their displeasure. Unfortunately, those not happy with the verdict don't quite understand the rules of law, which they haven't followed for decades (if not longer), are in place. Including in the rules is the Second Amendment, which allows individuals to protect themselves from mobs, criminals, and anyone acting outside the confines of the Constitution. 

Now we watch. How will the citizens of Wisconsin  react to the angry thugs gathering in the streets? Will they allow them to destroy their cities? Or, will they react with equal, and more forceful, violence against those so willing to riot? 

Personally, I wouldn't be upset if the violent mobs found bullets as a reaction to their bricks. They deserve no less, and it will save money for prosecutions of violent rioters. 


  1. That would make my day, Jess. It’s time to end it. I don’t care how many stupid people they have to kill… you can’t run a country like that.

    1. Years ago, my brother, a friend, and I were attacked by a mob. They were pissed because someone insulted them, so they cornered us at a hamburger stand. We got away in my brother's Jeep, but not before they hit our friend in the face with a piece of asphalt, broke some teeth, and led to a trip to the emergency room.

      I could have killed all of them. Dynamite, automatic weapons, fire, hand grenades....anything to kill the low-life cowards they were. They never suffered for their actions, but I know how those feel when attacked by mobs. Those involved need to die, and with extreme prejudice.

  2. Would it be racist to ask the ethnicity of your attackers, Jess?
    It would be a revelation to find they were not of African descent.

  3. The big cities are already lost . . .

    1. I've watched local larger cities deteriorate. That, and how Houston slid into Progressive hell.