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Friday, November 26, 2021

A Brutal Reality

From what I understand, viruses are tenacious survivors. When they destroy their host, survivors mutate to cause less severe conditions, which allows them to survive, without killing the new hosts. This creates an environment where only some die from the virus, but the rest continue to mutate to allow another host. For those that are infected, a natural immunity from exposure to the virus remains after infection. Mutations of the same virus may cause some symptoms, but not so severe as to cause death.

Created viruses are different. With molecular changes, they can jump species, attack their new hosts, and without a natural immunity, a pandemic can be created; whether by accident or intent. How the new hosts reacts is not known, until the virus is studied, and a possible vaccine can be created. If the virus is like Ebola, or some strains of Influenza, the result can be disastrous. Millions can die, before a natural immunity is developed. Efforts to develop a vaccine may be fruitless, since the virus can spread to a sufficient number of hosts in a short period of time. Only natural immunity allows survival.

We are at the point where a mutated virus has traveled through all developed nations, and the result is not of a species actually wishing for survival of all. Politics, intentional attempt of tyranny, and mass hysteria have removed all efforts to seek the truth. This prevents a solution, and allow the most to survive. 

Do people have a natural immunity to Covid 19? From uncensored reports, they do. Also, it's not known if those with natural immunity from other viruses are protected. There hasn't been enough time to determine this. In fact, there's no set time when exposure started, or how far it was transmitted before it was discovered. It is known that many determined to have been infected showed mild, or no symptoms, which to logical thinking, means extreme measures are not required, and the small number of individuals with severe reactions are not dangerous to most of the population. 

The reaction, in my opinion, was fabricated to cause chaos, and the removal of liberty. Initial statistics showed it was no more dangerous than Influenza, and the huge money drain for a cure lead to political advantage, huge profits for pharmaceutical manufacturers, and a terrible effect on the world economy. To make things worse, the supposed vaccine has not only shown to be ineffective, the biological changes it creates leads to a higher incident of Covid infections by those given the serum. Multiple injections are now demanded, and variants may be so aggressive, those that had the injection may find they not only are in danger from the reaction to the injection, the variant may insure their demise. 

The brutal reality is ( regardless of why) those injected with the vaccines sold by pharmaceutical manufacturers have an uncertain future. Some believe there will be a mass die-off in the coming years, and others believe the effects of reproduction, and damage to children, will lead to a gradual reduction in the population. Either is horrible to contemplate, and considering those involved in preventing vaccine producers from liability, with Constitutional violations that demand prosecution, an atrocity that rivals the Holocaust, and the Cultural Revolution.


  1. We've all had it. Our reactions range from felt horrible for a week (The Mrs.) to had a mild fever for an afternoon (me). Many had it worse than I did. The political reaction has been insane. This has been the dream of everyone that wants to control the world . . .

    1. They dream, but it appears they may find it turns out to be nightmare.

  2. I agree with everything you wrote Jess.