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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Thinking About Things

According to reports,  the Biden administration is doing the following:

- Stopped U.S. oil production to where the oil reserves are being tapped. 

- Gutted the military, and continuing the removal of service members by discharging them for not being jabbed. 

- Screwed up the off-base living payments to Navy personnel.

- Has known ties to Communist China

- Gives aid to foreign nations known to be enemies of the United States.

- Doesn't prosecute known criminals that promote its narrative, but harasses mothers for protesting school board mandates they find are contradictory to their morals. 

- Condemns those that defend themselves with firearms, and ignores those that destroy property, kill innocent citizens, and the judges that continue to allow them to go free. 

- Ignores election fraud, and allows illegal campaign donors to corrupt elections unimpeded. 

- Allows invaders to cross our borders with impunity.

There are many other things, but the most concerning to me is the removal of security at the borders, the degrading of the armed forces, and influence by Communist China. China can never conquer the United States if the United States has a strong, well equipped military that doesn't allow Generals to fritter away money on useless arms only because they're receiving special favors by manufacturers. A better informed citizenry would observe the current situation, make strong efforts to stop the efforts of the Biden Administration, and many would be prosecuted for treason.


  1. unfortunately its the patriots being accused of treason.

    1. The accusers are far outnumbered and playing with dynamite.

  2. Ah yeah, I think you have pretty much nailed it.

    1. It's a sorry state to be in. The highest officials in the U.S. are either guilty of sedition, or treason.

  3. "A better informed citizenry would..."

    I have been saying for decades now that the most dangerous element in American Society is our feckless, lying Press.

    This is because The Press is a collection of very shallow people who do little of actual value. After all, their job is to tell you what other people have said and done, what events have occurred, etc., because you're too busy doing important things like, a job. So during your hectic day you don't have time to keep up with "the news". To be a reporter, excuse me, "journalist" is to be something like a hooker: if you stand on the right corner long enough, the johns eventually show up of their own accord.

    It doesn't even require much in the way of effort, most days, because shit just happens. You just have to be there when it does and make sure you've got the order of events, the words spoken, the eyewitness accounts all straight.

    However, today the American journalist doesn't see that as his or her job; instead, they see their job as inventing stuff out of thin air and then presenting it as truth.

    I want you to think about that for a second: they work at a job that only requires them to report accurately on what happens, and somehow, they feel it necessary to lie and tell you things that DIDN'T happen, and they do it on purpose.

    The job of a "journalist" -- in a perfect world -- is to collect information, sort it out, turn it into a clear, accurate, concise, objective package, and then present it for public consumption. Instead, it is obvious these J-school turds believe their job is to tell fairy tales, and what's more, to ensure the fairy tales conform to their ideology, their sense of self-importance and their belief that only they have the market cornered in truth. Our job, as far as they are concerned, is to simply swallow whatever slimy gruel they produce, and then worship them for it.

    The denial of objective reality here is startling. The ease with which they lie, lies of commission as well as omission, are beyond belief.

    The absolute GALL that one must possess to contradict evidence that is startlingly obvious, makes these people dangerous.

    1. Dangerous, and a less polite society would punish them in severe, painful ways.

  4. Don't forget, attempting to get us involved in a war in Ukraine where we have zero national interests.

    1. And screwing up the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

      Depleting the oil reserves, while destroying U.S. oil production, in my opinion, is treason.