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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Think About This

According to the news readers, Elon Musk, and Twitter, are important items that everyone should be concerned about. When you really think about it, Musk's electric car company is one of the biggest government money pits ever created. Twitter is one of the biggest propaganda machines ever invented. Reality says it's a much better world if both disappear during their court battle. So, what's so important about either?


  1. I'm with you....

  2. I'll beg to differ. Elon's car is a scam. His rockets are not. I'm more than happy to have the car scam to get us into space more cheaply than anyone ever thought possible. Likewise, Twitter is hot garbage, but it's hot garbage that really defines the news in 2022 - notice how Trump went after he lost his Twitter card.

    1. To me, both have profited too much from evil. Regardless of what good comes from either, taxpayers were soaked by useless waste, and illegal activities were covered by deceit.

    2. Fair take. I've always thought Tesla was a scam, since it doesn't scale.