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Saturday, December 30, 2023

Perceptions Count

 Maine has a Secretary of State that arbitrarily decided to remove Trump from the ballot. This gives me the impression Maine backs someone that should be charged for the crime of using their office, or color of law, to deprive citizens of their rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Personally, I feel that when they don't publicly put her in stocks, pelt her with rotten vegetables, and then throw her in jail, she hasn't been punished as necessary.


  1. Why wouldn't she do this. It's not like she will suffer any personal consequences for this abuse of power. Just like the black robed pirates in Colorado. Even if their decisions are blocked they suffer NO consequences. That fact MUST change.

    1. I agree. This type of tyranny requires harsh punishment to those that believe they can trample on the rights of the citizens they serve.

  2. She's just protecting her "democracy" by not letting candidates she doesn't like run.