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Thursday, December 7, 2023

I Think They Got What They Wanted

It doesn't take a lot of thinking to realize the Palestinians are not welcome in most of the Middle East. As a problem, and with the atrocities committed by Hamas, it appears the entire Middle East now has an avenue to take care of a problem created almost 80 years ago. Hamas fighters are surrendering in large numbers, and what Israel does with these prisoners is unknown. I have a feeling many will ultimately be executed, when they appear in the numerous videos of those that were involved. What happens to the rest is unknown, but they chose their path, and Israel is not known for mercy to those that are considered a danger. 

How this turns out is yet to be seen, but after the brutal attack of Israel, brutality won't end with surrendering. Other countries in the Middle East will probably condemn Israel, but breathe a sigh of relief a problem is being solved.


  1. Any...and I mean any Hamas savage who surrenders is doing so in order to survive this war so they can eventually be released. The they will reorganize an go right back to being murderous terrorists. Israel needs to exterminate ALL of them regardless of what the UN or any other nation or group calls for. It's the ONLY way insure the Hamas animals don't kill again.

    1. I have a feeling many will "disappear". It's the justice they deserve. They decided to follow ancient beliefs of brutality, and following those beliefs, deserve no mercy.

  2. Israel should turn back any that try to surrender unless they bring a hostage with them.

    1. Make it two, and shoot those that don't bring one.