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Saturday, February 17, 2024

A Great Man Has Passed

 Chuck Mawhinney has passed.  Those that served with him, or read about his life, know a great man is now gone.


  1. “Don’t talk to me about hunting lions or elephants; they don’t fight back with rifles and scopes. I just loved it.”
    He’d listen to anybody else’s stories before telling his own.”

    What a great link to his life story.


    1. I look at how young he was during his Vietnam service and think of how he took a lot of punishment to protect his fellow soldiers. The man was giant among men.

  2. Replies
    1. Due to his job as a sniper, many have no idea of what he accomplished in an environment in which few would venture.

  3. Slow hand salute. Job well done. Thanks for your sacrifice and RIP, (humble) Marine. Good Night, Chesty Puller, wherever you are. Sez, 1st ANGLICO