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Thursday, February 1, 2024

The Point Where It Is Obvious

My years in construction supervision gave me the knowledge to immediately discern if an employee, or subcontractor, were competent. I had to know such things, or those I worked for would immediately know they made a mistake in hiring me, or allowing me to supervise a project beyond my capabilities. In the honest world, which only judges on skills, it determines who survives, or not, and in many situations, guarantees a critical structure is safe.

After thinking about the news I read daily, I realized the "experts" and "tenured professors" have reached the point they're so incompetent, they have no idea how incompetent they are. To make things worse, governments have hired what should be culls, and they are in positions that allow them to arbitrarily ignore all laws, or legal precedence. Meanwhile, a huge amount of the "journalists" turned out by these ivory towers of ignorance not only have no idea of their real purpose, they have no clue how their pandering, and repeating of the narratives now being ignored, made them useless. 

So, here we are. Those that should be have the most knowledge, and wisdom, are showing daily they not only can't be trusted, their sacred halls of education are becoming as important the dew claws on dogs. The country is full of people with degrees and no education. It's a sad situation, and with the removal of important knowledge for critical responsibilities, we've reached the point where the blind are leading the blind.


  1. Journalists: too rich to not go to college, not smart enough to be a lawyer.

    1. And not blessed with enough initiative to find facts, instead of creating facts.