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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Advice For Fathers

Spend some time with your children. Avoid sporting events, since only a tremendously small percentage of the work force make a dime with sports. Teach them to cut boards; show them how to read a tape measure; mix some concrete and pour a step; show them how to file steel; take apart a small engine and show them how it works; dig a hole and place a fence post; anything but allow them to waste their time playing useless video games, or watching mindless drivel on the television.

Why am I offering this advice? It's because I'm finding it almost painful to see the young people in the work force that are completely clueless. They have absolutely nothing to offer, except brief moments of mental acuity and days of mindless work under my direction. Appalling is the best word I can use and it's sad to realize these are who we'll eventually leave in charge.

Do them a favor and prepare them for the real world. If you don't, you'll find yourself embarrassed when you realize your children can only find jobs where the management is from another country.


  1. damn good post! the rat

  2. I have young men working for me that never knew a father. They're section 8 housing babies, without any productive male guidance - and it shows. "Ignorant as a box of rocks" is my best description, which can be really disturbing,when I realize how some of them want to learn and I just don't have the time to teach them as much as they need to know.

  3. I have to partially disagree with you about the sporting events, for I believe it's a great father-child bonding moment to take them to a ballgame for a sport that both are interested in. But as far as the rest of your post, I agree wholeheartedly with the gist of it.