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Friday, May 24, 2013


So now what does Obama do?

If he keeps Holder, the pressure to reveal what he's hiding, including possible illegal activity, will lead to much more than distraction. That won't end well.

If he get's rid of Holder, the new sheriff will have a job of cleaning house. This will expose executive weakness at best. At the worst, investigation may lead to oppressive misuse of power by several members of the administration, which will not only discredit Obama, it may lead to his impeachment and the damning of the Democratic Party for their foolishness is promoting the man that led to the problems.

It's a conundrum and you can see the administration start to squirm. There's a strong effort to change the subject, which isn't working. Many in the media are outraged and they're digging for answers.

I don't think many in the media will like what they find. Not only have they now become political enemies, they share the responsibility of placing Obama in power. They thought they were insulated, but now find they're first to go. They have too much power and this administration wants to make sure they don't use it.


  1. "So now what does Obama do?"

    He has Holder investigate himself, problem solved.

  2. I read that article. Also, I watched some pundits on television that spent way too much analyzing what anyone with a little sense would call bullshit.

    Get a special counsel, tell Holder to take the rest of his life at another occupation and dig, dig, dig. I'm betting they'll find a lot of things.

  3. My question is who chooses who the special counsel is? This and the multitude of other scandals require an honestly independent investigator, it's obvious from the above mentioned action that the regime can't be trusted to choose the investigator. I'm afraid we'll have to wait until 2017 to start working our way to the bottom of this and nobody will be willing to pursue it to potential future retribution over prosecuting a former President and his staff.

  4. Your comment gave me the urge to do a little research, which revealed special counsel is limited and could spend years investigating, without any public oversight. Meanwhile, those involved would continue their political activities that violate the Constitution.

    This leads me to think the only real avenue for justice is a hard push by Congress, with the help of the media, and the imminent action of impeachment of the President if he doesn't clean his house.

    Time will tell how this plays out and I hope it doesn't take years.

  5. Dem (damn?) senate won't convict, so house will not impeach.

  6. The media can change this. They're either scared, or stupid.