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Monday, May 13, 2013

Being the Boss

I walked onto my first construction site in the late summer of 1977. It was some of the toughest work I ever performed and led to years of equally tough work.

As time went on, I became the lead man; then the foreman; then the superintendent and finally: the position I now hold, which is general superintendent of a small construction company. So, what does this mean?

I'm who they turn to when it hits the fan. No matter what happens, I'm responsible and the responsibility requires I deal with everything; including people.

This bring me to the point of my post: Why is the responsibility of boss expected in all aspects of our society, except with our current President? Why is he allowed to escape responsibility for a multitude of serious problems?

We had the problem  of illegal gun purchase sanctioned by the Justice Department, which led to the death of U.S. Border Agent. This was initially Eric Holder's problems, but he didn't handle it. At that time, it was the President's job to fire Holder and make sure it didn't happen again.

We had the terror attack in Benghazi. All evidence led to terrible failures by the State Department, yet Hillary was allowed to skate and her replacement doing nothing to rectify this problem

Now, it's evident government agencies - including top officials - are using their power to harass and terrorize U.S. citizens for their political beliefs. Where does it stop?

If the President doesn't handle these problems with the immediate removal of key individuals (and "key" doesn't mean low level cannon fodder) there are only two things to be assumed from his lack of action: incompetence or collusion. Neither is pleasant to think of. I hope anyone that sat out the last Presidential election has an "ah-ha" moment and realizes they allowed their country to fall into the hands of small people that could care less about their rights, or the United States.

My biggest concern is what can be done. I'm hoping Congress uses their power of impeachment to remove the heads of government agencies that are now out of control. I'm thinking that's the only option left on the table.


  1. Probably collusive incompetence.

    1. I think you're right. If you place enough incompetent people in important positions, hide their incompetence and then obfuscate with a willing media, you can change a lot of things outside the law.

  2. Trouble is, the twits in Congress aren't much better...