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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Turn Signal Etiquette

For those that aren't sure: Slowing down, braking and then turning on your turn signal is ass-backwards of the correct procedure. The correct sequence:

1 - Turn on your turn signal to signal your intention.
2 - Gradually slow down, which allows those behind you the opportunity to change lanes.
3 - Use your brakes until you're at a speed which allows a safe turn.

Wasn't that easy? Now, if you can't remember, tattoo these instructions on the back of your hand...just don't use the hand that holds the phone stuck in your ear.



  1. Lol .. here I'ld put the TURN ON YOUR TURN SIGNAL in bold (here we call them Indicators, but suprisingly they seem to be optional extras on most cars these days).

    (Here via Stephen)

  2. I'm glad you visited. I was beginning to feel I was the bozo on the bus.