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Sunday, May 5, 2013

If This Doesn't Make You Feel Old...

...nothing will.

As I was checking out at the grocery store, I made the comment to the clerk: "It's too pretty to be working."

She blushed and replied: "Thank you.", which I assume was a response to what she thought I said, which was "You're too pretty to be working."

I was a little embarrassed, since I don't say such things; even if the clerk is pretty.

She went on: "I don't plan on working here forever. I've applied for college."

We went on with small talk about what major she should choose. She was uncertain, since a college degree doesn't necessarily mean success these days.

As the conversation progressed, I mentioned she should go into the Army. She commented on how her fiancee is in the army and had never considered the prospect.

I told her they want smart people and she could retire after twenty years. She didn't reply, so I explained how if she didn't take that option, she would be like me and have to keep working.

She looked at me and replied: "You're not retired?"

I replied, after feeling a little bit old: "Nope. I still have about ten years."

She looked at me like Methuselah had entered her store and replied : "Ten Years?"

What could I say? I just smiled and walked away.



  1. It shouldn't bother me, but it did. Getting a senior discount without asking was bad enough.

  2. It could be worse, she could end up like me, still in college in her 40's. I don't think I'll ever have the option to retire. And, as my hair is almost entirely grey, I am thinking I'll start getting senior discounts any day. But I don't mind, I'd much rather be mistaken for a senior citizen than a teenager.

    BTW, what did you mean by "It's too pretty to be working?"

    1. Sunday was beautiful. The clear sky was a deep azure, the light wind was from the north and the temperatures were in the upper sixties and lower seventies.

      I make that comment to people I know will be working all day inside and miss such a splendid day.

  3. Lol! I see the situation now! And, I couldn't agree more, a day like that is too lovely a day to be working indoors. All our snow has finally melted and I think your beautiful Sunday weather finally reached us in the Great White North. Yesterday after I got home from taking my chem final Leif cleaned out our gazebo so I could nap and nurse my sore throat in the lovely sunny afternoon. The birds were chirping, the bees were making an appearance buzzing by, and Rupert, after busily rooting in the dry grass, jumped up on the glider rocker and shared his dirty dog flotsam with me. Normally it's no fun to be sick, but it gave me a good excuse to just sit, do nothing and enjoy the world. It was even quite pleasant to pick bits of dried leaves, grass and chucks of dirt off me and Rupert.

    Happy Spring.