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Friday, May 31, 2013

Well, Stupidity Reaches New Heights

Starbucks will ban smoking within 25 feet of all their overpriced crap called coffee outlets  cafes. Of course, you can still come in, be grossly overweight, eat their crap and drink caffeine to excess.

If I offended anyone, it was intentional. I don't like smoking Nazis or any other reformed, meddling, feel good, urban, yuppie, new age, puss gutted piss ants. If you want to save someone's health, go pester a damned bureaucrat. They cause more health problems than any foreign substance.


  1. Can they legally enforce that? I know they can if you're actually on their property, but if you're off the property, 24 1/2 feet away, and the wind is blowing the smoke away from the premises, I would think they wouldn't have a case.

  2. If there's a municipal ordinance, crossing the imaginary line could lead to a fine, or jail time for numerous infractions.

    If not, they can ask you to leave, which they probably won't do, but they could and they could file charges of trespassing if you didn't leave.

    From my point of view, Starbucks fans would crawl through pig shit for a cup of their famous products. If you were to smoke within 25 feet of their building, the patrons would vehemently twitter, Facebook and give you dirty looks - if they didn't outright confront you - for breaking a Starbucks rule.

    Oh the horror.

  3. Joe and I got pissed when we saw that on television. As taxes on cigarettes keep increasing, I asked why taxes on liquor never increases. Then I remembered we're dealing with liquored up politicians.

    1. They hate tobacco, but love the taxes. They'll keep this up, and the black market will thrive.

  4. I, too, wondered why cigarettes are always hit with higher taxes, but not liquor. Thanks, lotta joy, for explaining that to me. That reason is probably why Minnesota, where I live, just doubled the cigarette tax to help fund a new football stadium. Now not only can I not afford a ticket for a game, I can't afford cigarettes either! Politicians have a real knack for sucking all the fun out of life, don't they!