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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Jumbled Post

I'm reading some things on the news, so this post will not be about one subject.

Obama visited Mexico and blamed much of the gun violence on himself and the United States. Unfortunately, this story is getting hard to find. I'm guessing it's because Mexico has some of the most restrictive gun laws found in any country. From the political point of view, that doesn't coincide with the current effort by the Obama Administration to create tougher gun laws. Of course, it took the media a little time to realize they were not being the good lap dogs they want to be. Therefore, get rid of the story.

"Good dog. Now fetch!"
Million dollar homes were  being threatened by wild fires in California. The "million" was used repeatedly, which I'm guessing has some special consideration.

From my point of view, a million dollar house in California probably is equal to one that cost around a hundred grand anywhere else in the United States. So, all I could think of was a bunch of poor working stiffs had their entire existence threatened by a natural disaster. (Sorry if I offended any million dollar homeowners. You should be okay. After all, million dollar homes are owned by millionaires and you should be able to get one of "your people" to fix it when the fire is over.)
Israel has blown up some weapon shipments destined to be in the hands of their enemies; that use them often against Israeli citizens. I can't blame them; I'd do the same if one of my neighbors lobbed missiles at my house and I had the opportunity to blow up his missile shipment.

Comments on those news reports are across the board, but some theorize Israel will now be destroyed by their enemies and WW3 has started.

I doubt it. Even if they managed to destroy Israel, they wouldn't get them all and the entire world would become their retaliatory playground.  If you don't quite understand what that means, think of never sleeping a full night of sleep again, knowing someone has your number and the odds are you won't wake up.

Israel plays hardball in a world of child softball teams. As much as many in the world hate the country, it doesn't take a lot of logic to realize it's best to leave them alone.
We now have an official gay NBA player. I really could care less, although I think I'd be upset if he was checking out my junk in the shower and I'm betting many of his team members will feel the same.
"Tough" congressional digging revealed the current administration lied to the public about what happened in Benghazi. I knew that in September. So now what?

I have the feeling those ultimately responsible will never be prosecuted for their terrible dereliction of duty. Write me a comment in the future and tell me I was wrong. I welcome the opportunity to apologize for my hasty judgement.
Governor Christie smashed a bug in front of some children, which irritated PETA.

Just be glad he didn't eat it. It looks like he eats everything else.

It will cost $25 a person to visit the 9-11 museum. This is pissing off many people, although for the wrong reason. It probably costs that much to keep it open. Inflation's a bitch and you should really do some research and get mad for the right reason.

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