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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lazy Sunday

Yesterday - in fact all the preceding week - was busy. I had lots to do, and pushed too hard. Yesterday brought it to fruition, when I hit a stick on my rider and knocked the drive belt off the pulley. Placing it back into position led to some strange contortions, which led to an angry response from my lower back.

So, today I kicked back and did nothing except a little grocery shopping and the long cooking of a roast. It was good, and tomorrow brings another start to what I'm forecasting as a busy week.

One other thing: Thanks to some links, and a lot of new readers, I'm getting substantially more traffic than I've ever had before. It's humbling and I'm thankful. For those that visit, I really do appreciate your time.


  1. I'm assuming that's supposed to be humbling, not humiliating?

  2. We wouldn't visit if you didn't make it worthwhile. Thanks back at ya.

    1. That was a heart touching comment. Thanks