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Friday, May 10, 2013

Let's Be Realistic

With the new information from the Benghazi hearings, it's becoming more apparent there were warnings of possible violence, a deliberate effort to ignore the warnings and a denial of incompetence when the consulate was attacked by a organized force of terrorists. While some of the testimony can be denied, all of it can't be denied and there are too many involved to discount the information as a single source without merit. 

So, now what happens? There's some indications a deliberate effort to spin the event is underway; even a private meeting with select members of the press. I think this shows where the administration is hoping to steer scrutiny away from key members, but I don't think it will work. At best, it will only soften the hard landing. Somebody will have to be accountable, and I don't think a lower level bureaucrat will be considered a fair sacrifice. You just can't discount the level of seniority required to launch, or refuse to launch a counter terror offensive. That level is up at the immediate advisers to the President and they generally don't try to hide something from the Commander in Chief. 

Will we ever get the entire story? I think so. As the efforts to prevent testimony are exposed, those involved will become the focus of their own investigation. This will allow others to offer their testimony without fear of reprisal. 

Where will it end? That's the tough question. Ultimately, the President is responsible for all that happens with the executive branch of the government. Included in this responsibility is the sometimes thankless task of firing subordinates, making efforts to expose illegal activities and assuring the public he's competent. If the President is complicit, some subordinate will eventually make a mistake and the truth will be exposed. 

Will Obama fire someone? Will he admit involvement, or lack of involvement and admit to incompetence for not handling this in a timely fashion? Will the media finally make a strong effort to investigate the person they refused to vet before he was elected? Time will tell. 


  1. Anybody sense a prime opportunity for another Presidential Jedi Mind Meld?

    1. Other than the media avoiding their job, this scandal is up there with "Watergate", except it's more gruesome than a burglary.

      Mike Huckabee commented on the news this morning how he feels this will result in disaster for this administration. His description of the event was "a death of a thousand cuts", which parallels my own predictions.