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Friday, February 9, 2018

A Big Parade

Trump suggested a parade to show respect for our military and the might of our nation. It didn't receive a good response, but I think he needs to add the following to boost the approval:

1. To finance the parade, the money budgeted for Planned Parenthood, Congressional private flights, bureaucratic raises, and 1/2 the EPA budget will be used.

2. Instead of horses at the end, members of Congress will pass in open trucks. Rotten vegetable will be provided for all spectators.

3. Members of the military involved with the parade will have live ammunition. ANTIFAs will not be tolerated.

4. After the parade, members of the armed forces will all receive a one week furlough. 

6. The parade will be held on a Saturday morning to lower the amount of people inconvenienced by the parade.

I could go on, but really don't like the idea of the parade in the first place. I'd rather see the tar and feathering of at least one member of Congress while enjoying an adult beverage from the comfort of my recliner. I guess I'm asking too much for such a pleasant television program. 


  1. Not bad suggestions as such, BUT if there was going to be a tar and feathering, I kind of think that it would be nice to be there in person ;-)

    1. I'm concerned my exuberance would lead to adding some more politicians to round out the day, if I was there in person.

  2. I don't think the idea was appropriate, and it was probably a passing thought for him.
    Unfortunately, he let's a lot of his passing thoughts see daylight.
    So do I.
    Which helps me relate to him.

    1. Some of his thoughts seem to be part of his method to play the media like a cheap violin.

  3. I love #2 the best. Load up the potato guns. Extra credit for knocking Schumer's glasses on.