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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Where's The Military?

I don't think anyone with a sense of the rights of liberty would ever consider the military for relief from sedition, except  when it's obvious the rights are being trampled on by rogue bureaucrats and politicians with enough authority to circumvent the reliefs afforded by law. The immediate reaction would be a police state, unless the military use was to root out the deep state members bent on sedition and treason.

It's obvious those in the highest positions of law enforcement are corrupt, their rank and file will not arrest them for publicly exposed illegal actions, and they're now thumbing their noses at the laws they swore to protect. I'm for the military to arrest these folks and hold them for civil trial. They've traveled beyond legal boundaries and are now enemy combatants. Until their ability to continue their treason against the United States is stopped, the damage will continue, more innocent people will be hurt, and the security of the country is at stake.


  1. Looks like its only the tip of the iceberg so far.

  2. Better we should use the U.S. Marshal's and a combination or the Texas Rangers and some other State police organizations with a similiar ethos and regard.

    Dennis the librarian shusher

    1. The Marshals, with the information available, have all evidence required for an arrest. Since too many people are still not arrested, I feel they're part of the problem.