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Sunday, February 4, 2018

After Listening to the Commentators

I watched some news last evening. Many important people, somewhat important people, and talking heads discussed the memo that indicates evidence presented to a congressional committee shows illegal manipulation of information to secure a FISA court. After watching, it was apparent new territory is where any further actions will happen.

The accumulation of information allowed those with the ability to hide, or destroy evidence all much time as they needed, if they had access to the information. The abnormally long time periods, and lack of forceful methods by timid individuals, helped those needing the closest scrutiny to erase some of their actions. This is a perversion of justice, and a clear indication of the size of the conspiracy. To make things worse, the top administrators of what is supposed to be the most apolitical law enforcement agency are deeply involved.

The biggest problem I see is the unwillingness of major news outlets in exposing information to the public. Many, with knowledge of their participation, helped in the illegal process of securing a FISA warrant to wiretap a President before their election, and after they were elected. Not only were members of the election staff part of this illegal activity, the President's own personal property was illegally bugged in the hope he would say something that could be used to impeach.

There is no Fed backup on this one. There is no FBI to step in and perform an investigation, since they're part of the criminal activity. Otherwise, unless all high officials are immediately removed from their duties, their staffs are temporarily demoted, and investigators are brought in from offices not directly connected to the main office, the best law enforcement agency in the United States is hamstrung, considered corrupt, and the security of the United States is affected.

My suggestion is to immediately arrest Comey, since there are public records of his admitting to Federal crimes. This will send a clear message to those still honest in the bureau, and allow them to vindicate their integrity. Even though Comey is not in charge any longer, his minions will know his inability to be honest will probably lead to turning on others to cover his actions. Many will know their involvement can soon be exposed, and they too will voluntarily provide evidence in the hope of leniency.

Congress needs to interview the FISA judges involved for clarity on the evidence used to provide the warrants. Their evidence will either expose their involvement, or explain the events leading to wiretapping a President.

Trump can help  much at this point by making a public statement about all that's happened. He should include the exposure of media outlets that were used to illegally secure the FISA warrants by name, and explain how some of those involved were directly linked to the former administration.

Pelosi stated releasing the memo would cause a Constitutional crises. In a way she was right, but failed to explain the crises started years ago, her involvement by continuing the narrative, and how her efforts allowed the crises to deepen. Her party, and candidate for President, are knee deep in corruption never seen at this level. Prosecution of these criminals is necessary, and until this happens, the seething anger by honest citizens will deepen, the determination of restoring the country to law will increase, and those obviously involved may find the law may be the only thing that protects them.


  1. Oh, dear! I fear that Lester fellow, aka Rational National USSR has finally cracked from the strain of pretending to be polite and fair-minded.

    Goodness, I do believe he was stewed to the gills when he unleashed that broadside.

    A person's true character will always come out eventually. I also noticed that Sour Ducky's Here is also not so polite when he is not in AOW's house.

    Nasty, smelly creatures, progressives. I hope this means that Lester chap won't be haunting these environs anymore

  2. Yes, arrest Comey now.
    Who will do that though?
    What agency?
    The FBI?