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Tuesday, February 27, 2018


The Russians used the internet to create false social media accounts, and used the accounts to influence voters to vote for Bernie Sanders

The Clinton campaign took over the Democratic National Committee and used crooked methods to keep Bernie Sanders from becoming the Democratic Presidential candidate.

The Clinton campaign used a crooked firm to create a false dossier, which was used by a corrupt FBI official to trick a FISA court into spying on the Republican candidate. The dossier supposedly proves Russian collusion with the Trump Campaign. To help convince the FISA judge, an article that used the dossier for reference was used as more proof of the corruption.

When Trump won, the same false dossier was used to influence the demand for an independent council to investigate the false narrative of collusion with the Russians. The Russians used their social media accounts to stir the pot, and tried to disrupt the country with division.

What it all boils down to is the Russians wanted Bernie Sander to become President, because he's a flaming Socialist, the Clintons continued the corruption they've so famous for, and the government is trying to hide illegal actions by their own officials.

Meanwhile, a substantial number of citizens are tired of waiting. Crooks need to be tried, corrupt officials need to be fired, and somebody better start making a strong effort to clean up this mess.



  1. If you and I broke as many laws as those people did, we would be seeing our loved ones on visiting day. Right now I might just be willing to settle for the laws applying to all.

    1. Known violations should be first for prosecution. Clinton, and Comey both violated laws dealing releasing classified information. Both should be charged, since their actions are enough evidence for prosecution.

      All we need is an AG with guts, and an unwillingness to play politics.