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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

It Didn't Work Last Time

Apparently, California, as well as other liberal states, is in an all out war against the current President. With many law suits, refusals to obey U.S. laws, attempts to hamper the ability of Customs agents to rid the country of illegal alien invaders, and now: California will block the transport of any oil from Trumps new drilling plan.  With the war between the states as an example, you'd think they'd realize the futility of their actions.

I've heard California described as the 6th largest economy in the world. The total number may be true, but California couldn't exist without the rest of the United States. Believing so is not only arrogant, it's futile. Without the financial aid received from the federal government, raw products from other states, and a willingness by investors to fund their fiscal folly, California would best be described as a third world country within a few years. If the port of Los Angeles was bypassed by the efforts of an enterprising company in Mexico, the loss to California would be staggering.

I chalk up current efforts by California as more of the Progressive effort to destroy the United States from within. While the population centers may hold sway over the legislation, those that turn the nuts and bolts control the money. If enough become irritated, and make it very hard for the large cities to function, or a huge earthquake devastates the economy, California will be faced with the stark fact their Utopian dreams are completely unrealistic. Hopefully this never happens, and calmer minds change the course of the politics. If not, there will be plenty of room in other states, and those with the longing for liberty can watch the mayhem from a safe distance. 

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