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Friday, February 2, 2018

Muellor Should Fold His Tent

The memo was released, it details the illegal methods to achieve a FISA warrant, those involved will now have some explaining to do, and all information, charges, and evidence Muellor was managing is inadmissible. Otherwise, if he's not pursuing charges against former members of the last administration, his work is over.

I'm not shocked. In fact, I figured such things were going on for a long, long time. Now that we've caught someone, maybe draining the swamp will become an easier task. 


  1. Bombshell House Document on FISA warrant released - read it here!

  2. Such things are sedition at best, traitorous at worst.

    False information to a judge for a warrant violates many sections of the U.S. criminal code

  3. Contreras (who has recused himself in the Flynn case) was probably the FISA judge who signed the warrant.
    Something smelly about him.