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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Mid-Term on the Horizon

The mid-term election is only a few months away. The usual hype is cranking up, and the media is showing obvious efforts to obfuscate. The election is important, and the reprobates are out in numbers to slander.

If I was Trump, and Sessions was my Attorney General, I'd tell him to wait until September to start producing indictments. Call it a strong offense to discredit the party that used illegal methods to influence the last election.

We'll see, but the opportunity is here, and patience is necessary to insure flanking maneuvers cause the most casualties.


  1. My oldest daughter knows some idiots who think that Trump is up for re election already. My favorite saying now is.."Ladies and Gentlemen there is the future of our country ....." to any idiot on the loose

    1. Ignorance is one thing. Relishing the condition is another. With today's perpetuation of rumor as fact, I wonder if generations to come will lose the ability to seek the truth.

  2. Replies
    1. It's time. The proven efforts to derail the Trump presidency deserve brutal efforts to destroy the effort.