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Monday, August 13, 2018

Economic Boost

According to Chelsea Clinton, Roe Vs. Wade helped add three and one half trillion dollars to the economy.  Her reasoning? The boost happened because the women that received an abortion were more inclined to join the the workforce.

There are no statistical references in the article, although it does explain Chelsea's bizarre line of reasoning. What is most amazing is she's so ignorant to place an economic value on the destruction of human fetuses, and then promote the idea as something good for the country.

I shouldn't be surprised, although I am wondering how depraved society will become before the likes of Clinton are censored, and prevented from any public exposure due to their appalling decay of morals.


  1. Face palm. I feel sorry for any kids she has. No one deserves that stupidity in a parent

    1. I'm amazed they still allow her out in public.