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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Truth is Somewhere Out There

It's reported countries other than the United States pay less for healthcare. The lower prices are attributed to higher costs for goods, and services, which sounds like a Mr. Obvious statement, until you add how other governments aggressively negotiate prices.

This is interesting, when you think of how easy it is to have really low profit margin in other countries, which can be made up with an exorbitant profit margin in the United States. When you add how easy it is for large pharmaceutical, and medical device companies, to manipulate Congress, and regulators (remember the $400 dollar epi pens) we pay way too much, and other countries may pay too little.

The truth is somewhere out there, but the government, medical industry, and the media will never seek the answer. They're all milking the taxpayer, and if they can't get it outright with taxes, they'll slush it from profits they help produce.


  1. I learned years ago that free is not free, they is always a catch.

    1. No there isn't, but the government sure has way of making it so.

  2. Americans I see often don’t do their homework on health care. They often describe Canada’s system as the ultimate - but don’t get that it is financed by a Ponzi scheme that even now is coming apart.

    There is only one answer that works: no, health care is not a right; it’s a commodity like any other and the only care you are entitled to is that which you can pay for. I know it’s tough when kids, immigrants and welfare types are involved... but the reality is that if you are bankrupted paying for their care you may not have enough for yourself when you need it.

    1. I carefully examined an itemized bill after one of my ex-wife's surgery. It was full of slush. Exorbitant pricing, therapy charges for a therapist that just stuck their head in the door, and that was what I could actually understand. What else they were overcharging for is only a guess, but I'm sure there was enough to add to the unreasonable costs of healthcare.