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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

I'd Tell Him to Pound Sand

A federal judge ordered DACA to be restored. He doesn't have that power. While he can stop an executive order with an injunction, he can't make a law. That's the job of Congress, and DACA was never voted on by Congress.

Trump needs to ignore the judge's ruling, since it violated law. In fact, following the order is allowing a judge to make law, which the Constitution doesn't allow.


  1. Trump needs to tell the judge from the DoJ that he'll start obeying their rulings when the FBI, CIA and the rest start obeying the subpoenas of Congress.

    1. The DOJ has allowed activist judges to function for decades. It's reached the point they throw up their hands and not even try to push for criminal indictments because they assume the judges will not allow anything to move forward in their court. It's time this is stopped.

  2. Obama did it his whole term. from the labor ruling to the extortion of too-big-to-fail banks by holder. he just kept on doing it his way, and the court did noting. the emperor(judge) has no clothes, nor an army.

    1. He did. He surrounded himself with EEO incompetents either complicit, or extremely ignorant. A fair judiciary would examine the actions, and file charges.