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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Plugging Holes

Trump removed John Brennan's security clearance. Apparently, Brennan is a little peeved. According to the article linked,

"...I do believe that Mr. Trump decided to take this action, as he's done with others, to try to intimidate and suppress any criticism of him or his administration," he said. "And revoking my security clearances is his way of trying to get back at me.
"This is not going to deter me at all. I'm going to continue to speak out...."

Brennan is now completely out of the loop. He has no access to any classified information, is forbidden to attempt to acquire information, and now a leper to the intelligence community.  All his complaining will only lead to more scrutiny by those still involved with protecting the United States, and his actions will now be closely monitored to guarantee he's not a loose hinge about to break. To a former head of the CIA, that's one step from a permanent solution. I think he knows this, and will eventually make a mistake while attempting to stay in the public eye.


  1. Onto Comey, Clinton, Obama, et al.

    1. I think Brennan will eventually either drop out of the public eye, or overload his butt with his mouth. Hopefully, he'll be the key witness to the sedition of the last administration.

  2. Yep. The Donks will throw her m away shortly too. He’s just a swamp creature whose time is done, and the democrats can manufacture those on demand. If the guy was smart he’d sale off into the sunset while he still can.

    1. William Colby comes to mind. His drowning was suspicious, but if it was intentional, professionals left no evidence.