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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Bad Commerce

Commerce requires money to stay in the local economy. That's the impetus for investment, growth, and the ability to increase income by increasing the demand for the location. That's not what is happening in my home town. The majority of new citizens have no intention of investing in the community, much of the income they make goes back to their country, and they save for retiring in their home country. They don't want to assimilate. They want all the free things they can find, and abuse the resources they basically steal.

The result of this activity? The city is dying. Home values are dropping, tax revenue is falling, businesses are closing, and there is very little to attract U.S. citizens. Without the local petrochemical industry, the city would have never survived the initial development, and now the only thing that keeps the city afloat is what little of the service industries are still willing to stay in the city limits. There are taxes to be collected from the petrochemical facilities, but they fight what are sometimes unreasonable assessments, and have won huge amounts of money in court. Still, it's not enough, and the incompetent local government is far from being fiscally responsible. 

In the grand scheme of things, my hometown is expendable. Those that really cared moved away years ago. The best of property was reduced to crap real estate by the Obama mandates to put Section Eight housing in the only real areas that could attract those willing invest in the city. Those that can't move will probably live out their lives where they are, but their children will have no desire to stay. This type of environment attracts crime, and those willing to survive on public assistance. Neither have a dog in the hunt, and accept what a healthy neighborhood would never allow. Large sections of homes have already been purchased, and razed, by the large petrochemical facilities. This prevents law suits, and provides a buffer. 

How will this end? If I had to guess, I'd guess the city will eventually go bankrupt, a larger adjacent city will annex it for additional tax revenue, and the area will continue the downward plunge. Industry will take in large sections for its purpose, and the homes left will be inhabited by low income families. History will be the only reference to what was, and the heritage will cease to exist. 


  1. Online shopping is doing to the local economy what the malls did to our downtown areas. On steroids.

    1. Online shopping has damaged some of our local economy, but seeing the reaction when the covid mandates were lifted, shows many would rather shop in person. Still, the damage is there, and contributes to the damage to local economies.

  2. I'm going to paste her something I put on Facebook that I think is germane.
    Since I just posted another subject on my blog, I didn't want to put it there immediately. Please forgive me.

    What a scenario. (I honestly give this a large amount of credence:
    A person or concern wants to debase the US currency and crash the economy so that he/they can short the US Dollar in the financial markets and make trillions in whatever currency they deem to survive.
    George Soros has done this once before with the Bank of London.
    To do this:
    • He/They either foist (in concert with a foreign power, (Communist China, our philosophical enemy and economic rival?) or take advantage of the introduction of a virus to the population and with the help of a fifth column media (presumably useful tools who are not in on the plot):
    • They engender a panic that allows the twisting of the election process illegally but with the aid of a fifth column political party (presumably useful tools who are not in on the plot) that does not challenge the usurpation of electoral responsibility and maligns the one person that can (and would) stop the assault.
    • Promote a candidate (who one could conjecture they re-animated from the dead) to take the office of president with illegal methods (a coup).
    A candidate (actually, a pair of candidates) who are so enamored of the status they would be elevated to that they are totally blind to the fate they are being thrust to:
    To be forever remembered (as long as the history books are allowed to accurately record) as those responsible for the collapse of the US (if not world) economy.
    Perhaps even now they see their (and our) fate and realize that there is nothing they can do to change the course that has been set in motion because they do not have the courage, skills or the allies to reverse or change the path we are on.
    • Promote an ethos (Critical Race Theory, et al) and it’s supporters in academia, the schools, churches and (most importantly) the military, that weakens our defenses against our geo-political “rivals”.
    If this is true (and even if the plot is fiction, the results are the same), What can we do to change this?
    And quickly?

    1. Courts, now many are packed with Soros backed judges, and attorney generals, aren't the bastion of justice they're supposed to be. This leads to civil disobedience, which those involved don't realize only leads to their destruction, and tears into the fabric of a nation of sovereign citizens. Whether that fabric is torn asunder is soon to be seen. The sides are chosen, and the winner will take all.

    2. I can only see shooting as a quick enough response.
      Hopefully it is because I am short-sighted.

  3. Alienation isn't a bug, it's a feature.