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Sunday, October 31, 2021

The Lack of Force

I haven't found any reports of anyone being forced to take the jab. Coercion, duress, ridicule, and the other mind game methods of attempting to make someone do something are used, but not force. That's where the strength of the United States is most evident. If someone used force, the backlash would be so terrible, few involved would live to see another day. 

The Supreme Court refused to block a vax mandate for health workers in Maine. The reason by those that refused the injunction is best explained as procedural problems. Otherwise, if it isn't wrapped up in all the glitter, bows, and fancy paper, a basic right guaranteed by the Constitution is ignored until the present is what they like to see. This leaves many workers two options: take the jab, or lose your job. In a perfect world, all those taking the jab would stand for the rights of others and, too, refuse to work for a tyrannical employer. This would remove the need to seek relief at the Supreme Court. Maine's health system would shut down, and the mandate would be rescinded. 

It's all coming down to which states are best to live in. Those that embrace the Constitution will be the best, and those that don't, will find they only attract those willing to live in poverty, and seek security through public assistance. Otherwise, a parasitic society will become entrenched, only the most incompetent will become the most important, and citizens will be at the mercy of what the dregs of society can provide. Those that don't will have the best society can offer. Liberty allows many things, and the best thing is autonomy without tyranny. They will flourish, while the other states will fail. 

Reality shows the majority of U.S. citizens want liberty. Reality, also, shows there is a huge scourge of ignorance eroding at what was envisioned by the founders, and what keeps the nation healthy. Blame can be found, but solutions are many times ignored. In the situation of vax mandates, the solution is not allowing the mandates, the demand those involved with the apparent subterfuge be exposed, and a strong effort by all citizens to prevent this from happening again. Will this happen? That's to be seen, but when entire states have citizens willing to bow to a few politician's whims, it's not looking very promising.


  1. First they came for the anti-jabs, but I was not an anti-jab....

    Fascism is when you get corporations to do your dirty work.

  2. thy already got my job. when they come for my pension, i go on the offensive. nuff said.

  3. Best States?
    Those with the fewest Karen's.
    Son just moved from AZ to TN. His decision was partly because too many folks from the Crazy State were moving to AZ, and the "bathtub ring" around lakes Mead and Powell has gotten really scary.
    I'm delighted. He's now three hours away, versus three days.

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